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Birthdate:Jan 17
Location:sleepless, California, United States of America


F U J O S H I old timer fujo and slacker. translplant from LJ.
my journal will just be a mishmosh of stuff...
☆ long rants
☆ long anime/manga oogling
☆ long seiyuu worship
☆ sometimes long BL related... or just porn fappin'

☆ photobucket took my pictures hostage. don't have the strength to fix all my posts! *cries*

profile layout: milou_veronica

journal layout: Stylesheet by [community profile] betterdolphin (with few changes by me

header art: Kano Shiuko-sensei (with my ghetto tweakage. XD ) // MAL // WordPress // LJ // twitter // tumblr



haha Zoro says "comment here to be added." but this is the profile page. XDD any~hoop, just send me a message or comment on my FO post letting me know why you wanna friend me and i'll friend you back!

(^o^)/~yoroshiku ne! comments are definitely love. ♥ ^__^

banner: siljemarie
art: oda eiichiro



Interests (101):

alt country, anime, audio onani, audiogasm, baroque pop, being a spazzy spaz, bewbies, bishies kissing bishies, bishounen, bl, bl drama, blcd, bleach, bluegrass, boobiedom, boobiedom benjo quest, boobydom, bootiedom, bossa nova, boys love, brit pop, broked brain, cats, chamber pop, choco poundin', clavicle, coffee, coffee & cigarettes, delta blues, djcd, dorama, dream pop, electro pop, electroclash, electropop, fero*men, fero☆men, flail flail, flames (i mean fire!), hana yori dango, hanadan, idm, inditronic, introvert, kaichou wa maido-sama, kitties, lo-fi, manga, math rock, morikawa toshiyuki, moringo!, mousou bousou, music, naruto, nazono shin unit sta☆men, new wave, no wave, noise pop, noise rock, one piece, otomen, penetration mind scream, penetration scream, pervin' on bootie!, pervin' with boobie!, pervy ghosty hand, post-punk, post-rock, power pop, proto-punk, sadcore, seafood, seiyuu, seiyuu events, seiyuu raji shows, shoegaze, shoujo manga, shounen manga, singer/songwriter, slowcore, space rock, spatulas, sta*men, sta☆men, suwabe junichi, suwabe-sama, suwabe-samamamama~, synth pop, tanbi, triphop, twee, web raji, wombats, yamanade, yamato nadeshiko shichi henge, yaoi, フェロ☆メン, ロンハールーム, 諏訪部順一, 謎の新ユニットsta☆men, 謎の新ユニットスタ☆メン
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